By Hand From The Heart: One Show, Many Stories!

By Hand From The Heart is a curated makers market event in Chennai, South India. UPCOMING EVENT: 24th – 25th, AUGUST, CROWNE PLAZA, CHENNAI

Meet The Maker: Sindoori Thillairaj, Accessory Designer


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Sindoori Thillairaj. I did my Bachelors in Commerce, realised that it wasn’t my calling and then pursued an MA Fine Arts in Stella Maris. This turned out to be just the vent my creative energies required and I loved the hectic structure of the 2 years. It turned out to be an ideal platform for me to build my business idea on and here we are now.

How would you describe what you do; and how long have you been making and creating?

A month back, my paternal aunt was reminiscing about the good old days and told me about this time when I made greeting cards and was selling them for one rupee. This was when I was 5. So you could say I’ve been making and selling all my life. But in all seriousness, it’s been two and a years since I started Sin Raj. Two and a half years of being tangled in yarn, smeared with paint, and constantly found rubbing fabric against my cheek to make sure its soft enough.

Tell us about your recent works and your proposed showcase at the By Hand, From The Heart.

For the 16th edition of the By Hand From The Heart, I will be displaying “Panjabootham” a collection of pure leather bags embellished with hand woven silk fabric, inspired by the cosmic elements. I will also be displaying “Floral Check-board”, a collection of satin screen printed stationery. Inspired by flowers and checks, I have come up with a range of bold combinations of both.

Can you describe your work place / space? 

I have a really big antique desk (I cannot do without it). The walls are covered with photographs, paintings, quotes, doodles and song lyrics I love. There are piles of fabric and rolls of leather. Everything that remotely interests me goes up on the wall in front of my desk.

What/who inspires you? Or how do you find inspiration?

I believe that inspiration is everywhere and well if I can’t find it, I have my wall to fall back on. I can find inspiration in the chaos of my wall but will go blank on the sight of a clean white wall.

What is a typical day at SINRAJ like.

There are never typical days. I wish there were. But it doesn’t work that way. If I do start working on something, the days and nights blend together and I completely lose track of time.

Can you describe your creative process and what is the most rewarding part of the creative process for you?

It all starts with a mood board. Then come the numerous sketches. Sampling is the most painful part of the process. Sampling will point out all the holes in the ideas. But when it’s all done and I hold a finished product in my hand, it’s all worth it. To watch my thoughts, emotions and sketches take shape is incredibly satisfying.

What’s the best thing about being a designer?

Hands down, it’s good feedback. It’s when someone buys something from Sin Raj and then gets back to me saying she loves it. That’s priceless. It’s my way of sharing what moves me.

What would you say to someone thinking about selling their work?

It won’t be easy. It’ll give you dark circles. And so many things that you never calculated will go wrong. But if you keep at it, you’ll get it right. And when that happens, there’s nothing like it.

Anything exciting on the cards for the coming months?

There is quite a bit actually.  I’m working on a line of home decor products. While the ideas are still nascent, they are promising and I can’t wait to express myself with products I haven’t worked extensively with previously!

Sindoori Thillairaj will showcase her bags and stationery collection at the By Hand, From The Heart Artisan & Farmers Market | 7- 8 August 2015 | 10 a.m – 8 p.m | Hanu Reddy Residences, 41/19, Poes Garden, Teynampet, Chennai.

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