By Hand From The Heart: One Show, Many Stories!

By Hand From The Heart is a curated makers market event in Chennai, South India. UPCOMING EVENT: 24th – 25th, AUGUST, CROWNE PLAZA, CHENNAI

Meet The Maker: Bheemaiah.K.K, Bheemstyx, Bangalore

Bheemaiah of  Bheemstyx, Bangalore designs all-purpose sticks. Let’s find out more about his unique craft venture and look forward to seeing his works at our upcoming makers market event here in Chennai.


A bit about yourself and what you do.
Professionally planter, by passion into events, currently designing all-purpose sticks – ideal for hikers, social walkers, home decor and walking stick collectors.

As I have given life into each branch as these gifts of nature into walking sticks that are functional works of art and are unique treasures : this allows each design to speak for itself & to tell its unique story. With a host of beautiful sticks to choose for walking, a handcrafted BHEEMSTYX can be an enjoyable experience – for stability in each step, protection  or simply a fashion accessory stick to meet all needs.Each of my design is unique as nature provides only one design of its kind, so each piece is different. These sticks price ranges from Rs 500 to 6000/-

How long does it take to make a product? What’s involved?
4 months to year and above, collecting, treating, seasoning, cleaning etc.

Where do you look for inspiration? And what is inspiring you now?
When a local tribal friend gave me stick from my home town, I thought I can make them too and even much better.


Describe your work space and what’s it like?
A bunch of dedicated strong friend circle, who assist in their free time, collecting sticks, cleaning, painting etc.

What’s the best thing about being a creative entrepreneur?
You can decide what you want to do, follow your passion

Tell us about your proposed showcase at the By Hand, From The Heart.
By Hand, From The Heart will be my first event in Chennai; happy & excited about how Chennai people will respond for my product.

Bheemaiah.K.K, of Bheemstyx, Bangalore, will be at the By Hand From The Heart: MAKERS MARKET – 18th Edition

Friday – Saturday, 5th – 6th August, 2016
10:00 a.m – 8:00 p.m
Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park
132, T.T.K Road, Alwarpet, Chennai – 600018, Tamil Nadu. India

LINKS: 18th Edition Makers Market Event Page | Facebook  | Instagram | Twitter | Blog




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