By Hand From The Heart: One Show, Many Stories!

By Hand From The Heart is a curated makers market event in Chennai, South India. UPCOMING EVENT: 24th – 25th, AUGUST, CROWNE PLAZA, CHENNAI

Meet The Maker: Rashmi Singh, Founder, Studio Moya, Bangalore

Today on our Meet The Maker Series we feature Rashmi Singh, Founder, Studio Moya, based in Bangalore. Let’s find out more about Rashmi’s journey into craft and product development; and what it like to work with multiple rural  artisans and the many to dos at Studio Moya; Rashmi’s story …

Studio Moya - Rashmi Singh (1).jpg

Tell us a about you and the design studio.

A dreamer at heart and a believer by thought. I am driven by passion for everything I do.

After I left my job to pursue all that I wanted to do I was working with various craft clusters and doing freelance projects. While I was working through these craft clusters in Bihar, Andhra Pradesh  and West Bengal, one thing that I experienced everywhere  was lack of design process. While the consumers have evolved over time, the crafts could not and that is why it was not making much sense to the contemporary consumer and was the need of the times. I started experimenting and did a lot of cross-pollination of techniques and craft forms and was kicked by the whole idea of building it as a brand and that’s how Studio Moya found itself! The journey thereafter has only been of making it  bigger, better and finer…


Your favourite design story. 

For me design is about problem solving be it in everyday life or professionally. I look for sustainable, organic solution/designs without taking away its character. My favourite design story (or as I love calling it my love story too!) is my classic collection “Conversations in Madhubani” which brings together the finesse of Madhubani lines and the raw luxury of Tholu Bommalata hand-painted and handcrafted into a design story that is a confluence of craft forms with a fine make.

“Breaking something down into smaller components, changing its structure and putting it back together is what excites me as a designer.”

Studio Moya - Rashmi Singh Presskit1.jpg

Tell us about your artisan team and work studio.

Our artisans work from the clusters they are in as I believe being in their surroundings will help sustain the craft and get passed on to the next generation skillfully.The artisans we work with are mostly the younger generation of the traditional artisans and I find a very unique character in them of adapting to the requirements of the contemporary design inputs that we give them. Our design stories are a take on the traditional forms and techniques  but have a very contemporary look and feel; we have artisans of Bihar interacting with artisans of Andhra through our products. It’s a very open culture where we are working towards building finesse and design in traditional crafts.

Studio Moya - Rashmi Singh Presskit2.jpg

What’s a  typical day at Studio Moya.

A typical day at Studio Moya is a list of to-dos! Being the whole and soul of a business comes with its own responsibilities. So our to-dos typically are about following up on artisans over a call on the progress of orders placed with them, (whats app has definitely made things easier!), a visit to the workshop or going sourcing material on some days. Order dispatches and follow-up on custom orders of clients, checking mails, and of course building new ideas with the team! I try to steal an hour everyday to sketch something new or read about trends and brands to keep myself updated…


Handmade in India / Make in India – what does mean to you.

Truly, strongly believe in it but I feel there are very less incentives given to designers working with craft clusters compared to the tech world. Today the whole world is looking towards India for design inspiration and we are really under utilizing the resources we have…


Tell us about your showcase at the By Hand, From The Heart.

We are going to be showcasing our one of its kind collection of Accessories and Decor products that are hand painted and handcrafted individually for hours of perfection.

“If a customer sees a story, they are more likely to understand what you are trying to say. I don’t want the customer to buy every piece, but they should be able to see the cohesion in the collection.”


What’s your favourite pick from your collection right now..

My favourite pick as of now is this Black Laptop Tote that is a perfect blend of utility and design, carries my whole world together!

By Hand From The Heart: MAKERS MARKET – 20th Edition
Date: Friday – Saturday, 7th – 8th July, 2017
Time: 10:00 a.m – 8:00 p.m
Venue: Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park
Address: 132, T.T.K Road, Alwarpet, Chennai – 600018, Tamil Nadu. India

LINKS: 20th Edition Makers Market Event Page | Facebook|Instagram|Twitter |Blog



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