Chennai Event: Meet The Maker: Sarath Selvanathan, Mookuthi, Chennai

Today on the blog we feature founder and curator Sarath Selvanathan, of  Mookuthi; a home grown jewelry brand from Madras. Find out more about his design label and his showcase at the makers market. 



Tell us a bit about yourself. 

With a degree in engineering, I always thought a corporate job was my calling. In 3 years of joining the job, I realised how gratifying it was to work for your family business than working for some humongous corporate company, where you, along with your ideas, are lost somewhere in corporate hierarchy. I started with helping with streamlining operations in the business and then went on to qualify myself in the field of design and business, when I decided to take a plunge into the jewellery industry.


Were you always interested in design?

I was interested in Engineering Design with an inclination towards Automobile design, if that even counts.

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About your design label – Mookuthi. 

Mookuthi was an accident. Or I could even call it a revelation. It was more like a light bulb moment during my “becoming a jeweller” phase. When I began making pieces for my friends, friend’s family, etc, I realised that there was this tiny little ornament, a mookuthi, which spoke much louder than its size. The first mookuthi I made was in December 2015. Since then, I was extremely intrigued about this ornament. I went on to find answers to my questions, and a few years later, here I am, launching a brand called Mookuthi.

How would you describe Mookuthi’s aesthetics 

A Mookuthi is actually a versatile ornament. It could be edgy or a classic. It could be rebellious or subtle. It could be simple or ornamental. But a Mookuthi is minimal at heart.


What do you hope people think when they think of Mookuthi?

Minimal Statement pieces that speak without you having to speak.

A bit about your artisans

We’ve worked with different artisans, with different skill sets, for different collections. We want to explore the different artisans group who specialise in different jewellery making technique and exhibit their skill in a canvas called Mookuthi.

What are your displaying at the By Hand, From The Heart.

We are displaying are debut collections at BHFTH. We have 3 collections of Mookuthis that will be displayed; Antique, Atthangudi and Timeless. We want to display our entire one year’s journey that went into making this brand and the products. We wanted to deliver a Mookuthi Experience. 


Meet the Maker @
By Hand From The Heart Makers Market 23rd Edition
Friday – Saturday
16th & 17th February, 2018
10:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m
Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park, (old Adyar Gate Hotel)
132, T.T.K Road, Alwarpet, Chennai – 600018, India.

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