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Meet The Maker: Bayiravi Mani, Kol Kol Baby Carrier, Gurgaon

Today on the blog, we feature Bayiravi Mani, founder of Kol Kol Baby Carrier, Gurgaon. Her label story in brief… blog_kolkol_1.jpg

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am from Chennai and currently live in Bombay. I have worked as an event manager and digital marketer before I left that to become a full time cake decorator/baker.



When did you begin Kolkol and how has it evolved ?

I got introduced to babywearing in 2013. Two years into my journey as an entrepreneur baker, parenthood came crashing in. It was the best thing that happened to our family but it was also overwhelming especially because baking is a very hands-on business. Having a baby carrier meant that I could continue this without compromising on time with my son. It helped us as parents enjoy life ‘as we used to’ but better now that we could ‘wear’ our bundle of joy close to us always. This got me really passionate about babywearing but I experienced a dearth of Indian brands in this space offering carriers that were uniquely suited to our weather, despite the growing popularity of this category. From this was born the idea of Kolkol in 2014. We started making Asian style carriers called Meh Dai but with a dash of Indian flavour – handwoven cotton fabrics with unique prints from all over India. We have evolved with time and now make five different kinds of ergonomic carriers to cater to babies right from newborn stage until about 5 years of age.



What do you wish more shoppers knew about your carriers?

Our carriers are made of 100% cotton, perfectly suited for our tropical climate, safety tested as per international standards and are ergonomic. They help hold babies in the same way as we would hold them in our arms. This helps maintain natural position of the spine and hips and aids in healthy development of the baby. Our carriers are also very comfortable for the wearer so helps them care for the baby with ease, allowing time for other chores and to have some fun!


What is currently working on? 

We are constantly listening to customer feedback to improve our product in different ways. 

Currently the need of the hour is to increase awareness of the category of babywearing in India and we are actively engaging with Lactation Consultants, Paediatricians, producing educational content on babywearing and extending our brand presence in events in multiple cities across the country. This helps parents get to know the benefits of babywearing and experience our brand firsthand.


What is your personal favorite pick from your Kolkol right now? And why?

My favourite pick is the Compact. True to its name, it’s super-light, weighing less than 500 grams and folds small without compromising in the least safety or comfort. This carrier epitomises our commitment to making babywearing safe, affordable and accessible.

We’d love to see more families enjoy babywearing through this range.

What are your displaying at the By Hand, From The Heart.

Our most popular style, buckle carriers Leela & Compact will be displayed at BYFTH. Leela is an adjustable carrier that can be used with babies from birth to 4 years. Compact is designed for babies 6 months+.


Meet the Maker @
25th edition:  By Hand From The Heart Makers Market
8 – 9 – February 2019 | Friday – Saturday | 10 a.m – 9 p.m
Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park, (old Adyar Gate Hotel)
132, T.T.K Road, Alwarpet, Chennai – 600018, India.

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