Meet The Maker: Vinoth Kumar & Srinath Gowtham, BHUTHA – Coimbatore.

Today on the blog, we feature Ar.Vinoth Kumar & Ar.Srinath Gowtham, founders of BHUTHA – Earthen Architecture’ a studio based in Coimbatore. Meet the makers at the February 2020 edition of By Hand from the Heart Makers Market in Chennai.


Tell us a bit about yourself. Why did you become a maker?

As Architecture graduates and ecology enthusiasts, we have had a penchant for beautiful structures and buildings that translate in Bhutha. We were fascinated by how we can unite traditional methodologies with contemporary style. Working with ecological concern is our keen interest and that gave wings to new ideas on ecological perspective in architecture. We implemented our collective interests in our small freelance projects, initially.Β  We travel to ancient towns and cities to research and bring with us the hidden treasures of knowledge that will help in our practice. Travelling helped us in reviving the traditional building practices.
Why is making so important for you?

At Bhutha, Sustainability and Zero waste are our forte.We are inspired by the maxim: β€œ A home is where the heart is.” A home is constructed with a vision to spend the rest of our beautiful lives. We want that home to be perfect, eco-friendly, 100% natural and sustainable to all natural calamities. To break the conventions of chemical processing and artificial processors, we have embarked on the journey to find the hidden treasures of earth and help people understand how our lives can benefit from the surplus natural resources available – all whilst being able to contribute to earth in return, sustainable and 100% natural.
How did you begin?

We proudly call ourselves as β€œreal friends of nature”. My partner, Srinath Gowtham and I [Vinoth Kumar] completed our Architecture. We always wanted to add value in everything we did and we couldn’t think of better concept of building our own Earthen Architecture Studio to emphasize the natural treasures available in the earth and promote a refreshing lifestyle. 1

What is the Story behind your brand name?

β€˜BHUTHA’ – derived from β€˜PANCHA BHUTHA’ which is, the five prime elements




Your work space & the artisans you work with.

Our studio located in Coimbatore, also we take project preferably in Tamil Nadu and neighbouring states.

What is currently on your work table?

A resort in Pollachi


What are your displaying at the By hand From the Heart.

Palette of Various building finishes such as Mud, Lime renders and Paints, Building Techniques such as roofs or walls. Display of natural materials and tools.



Meet the Maker @
By Hand from the Heart: Makers Market – 29th Edit
7 – 8 February 2020, Friday – Saturday | 10 a.m – 9 p.m
Hanu Reddy Residences,Β No. 41/19, Poes Garden, Chennai 600086, India.

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Makers can apply to participate in our makers market events; to apply, click link


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