By Hand from the Heart
Chennai (Madras) – South India

We are a market – styled event in Chennai (Madras) for makers , artists and artisanal brands. Established in 2011, By Hand from the Heart is a well attended shopping event with a curated line of art, craft, clothing, jewelry, furniture and food.

The Journey

The Journey of By Hand from the Heart has been beautiful. We have had our fair share of ups and downs. Good shows, bad shows, happy people, angry people, angels, demons et al. And while these may be great stories in themselves, in the larger picture they don’t matter. What’s done is done and will most likely happen again in some other form or shape. What matters is what it stands for. That remains unchanged. Providing a platform for the creatives and the innovatives working in handmade, design, art, gastronomy, sustainable lifestyle & fashion to showcase their works to people who truly have the time, patience and understanding to appreciate their work. A comprehensively curated platform.


We do what we do straight from the heart.  The satisfaction of seeing deserving artists get the recognition they deserve; and the gratification of knowing that when a maker is being appreciated, our curation, our personal creative expression is being appreciated. Our ethos of existence revolves around identifying independent artists and artisans making objects and ideas of beauty, promoting and publishing their stories and giving them a stage to showcase their skill and art to the right audience.

By Hand, From The Heart is what I refer to as my kick-starter to anyone who asks me about my journey. There is no validation like knowing people want your products, which is what BHFTH does – it validates. My journey started around the same time as the 16th Edition where everything began.

AMRITA GIRIRAJ – Designer & Founder – Alankaara.

4 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. Great initiative.. Love the idea about introducing the makers behind those wonderful products which is not a stressing point otherwise. Every single one of them featured on your blog are truly unique and we loved reading about them! Thank you for introducing us to these beautiful makers of the beautiful products.

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