By Hand From The Heart: One Show, Many Stories!

The makers market event in Chennai aka Madras, Madurai & Coimbatore. Dedicated to handmade & design by independent talent, artisanal & homegrown labels.

Meet the Maker: Shree Bharathi Devarajan, Founder and CEO, Nool By Hand, Erode

Today on Meet The Maker series we feature Shree Bharathi of Nool By Hand – a sustainable fashion label from Erode. Let’s find out more about her company, her weavers, … Continue reading

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Meet The Maker: Neha & Rituparna, Designers, Kaurwaki – style & strength, Bangalore

Meet Neha & Rituparna, designers and founders of Kaurwaki – style & strength a textile design studio based in Bangalore. We chat up with the team about their textile design venture,  inspirations, work … Continue reading

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Meet The Maker: Dipti Ahuja & Dipna Daryanani, Founders, Love the World Today, Mumbai

Today on our Meet The Makers series we feature Dipti and Dipna, co-founders and designers at Love The World Today – a sustainable clothing label for children; Let’s find out more … Continue reading

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Meet The Maker: Bernice Vijayan, Kayel, Chennai

Today we feature, jewellery designer Bernice Vijayan of KAYEL, Chennaiin our ongoing Meet The Maker Series featuring the participants at our October 2016 Makers Market. Bernice talks about her creative venture … Continue reading

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Meet The Maker: Anaka Narayanan, Brass Tacks, Chennai

We chat up with Director and Creative Head of BRASS TACKS, Anaka Narayanan about her showcase at the By Hand From The Heart Makers Market this October. She shares with … Continue reading

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Meet The Maker: Shweyta Mudgal, Eight Thousand Miles, New York – Mumbai

  Architect Shweyta Mudgal is the design director and founder of Eight Thousand Miles – a lifestyle design for sustainable alternatives for children clothing and furnishings brand based in New York & Mumbai. … Continue reading

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Meet The Maker: Sarika Rajeev Kapoor, Aarika, Chennai

We chat up with Sarika Rajeev Kapoor, owner and design head at Aarika – a home studio for temple jewellery inspired accessories. Let’s find out more about her popular lines and her … Continue reading

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Meet The Maker: Rajesh Bajaj, Kairasi, Chennai

Rajesh Bajaj is a man of many hats; besides a furniture restoration business he is a full-fledged professional photographer and an enthusiastic organic farmer. We catch up with Rajesh on his upcoming showcase at the By Hand From The Heart Makers Market. Lets find out more about his furniture venture…

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Meet the Craft Entrepreneur: Jyoti Budia, RISTA, Chennai

We have a quick chat with Jyoti Budia of RISTA, a craft venture based in Chennai. Her brand promotes Sabai grass products and other eco-friendly artisan made alternatives.

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Meet The Maker: Gyana Raghavan & Gita, Vasthra, Puducherry

Vasthra was founded by Ashwini Raminishankar in 2006 to design Indian apparels for the world market; today the brand is currently run by Gyana Raghavan and Gita Ganesh since 2015. Gita and Gyana of VASTHRA have successful curated the new line up of products at Vasthra. Their footwear collection in particular has been well recieved for its simple yet stunning designs. We catch up with the team about the new line up and running their design venture.

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Meet The Maker: Varshitha Cholaprakash, Mudra Craft Stamps, Chennai

Graphic designer and stamp maker Varshitha Cholaprakash started her craft supplies business in Chennai, knowing it had grand scope. Today she has the credit of establishing, India’s first stamp craft company in Chennai. Here, we get to know more about this creatiev entrepreneur and also take a look at her creations.

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Meet The Team: Deepa Sekar and Kshiti Davey

We begin our July with this #interview feature on Culturama July 2016, titled, “Handmade, with Love.” Maker’s markets are all the rage now across the country. By Hand From The Heart, … Continue reading

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Meet The Maker: Ummu Salma, Made in Craftadise

Ummu Salma is a home based craft entrepreneur, crochet enthusiast and craft blogger in Chennai. I am a blogger and an entrepreneur in the field of Crochet and craft. I am an engineering post graduate following my passion and turning my hobby into a thriving business one step at a time.

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Meet The Maker: Ramya Harimadhavan, Hydes Studio

Ramya Harimadhavan is the owner & designer of Hydes Studio. The studio customizes artisan leather accessories and bags.  

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Meet The Maker: Amrita Nambiar, Olie

Illustrator and graphic designer, Amrita Nambiar is the owner & creative head of Olie; a home furnishings design studio currently based in Bangalore.

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Meet The Artist : Darshan Singh Grewal, Visual-Craft Artist

I like to call myself as an experimentalist. I play and create integrated craft, mix medium murals, space installations and photo-craft which reflect conceptual stories.

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Meet The Artist: Shirupa Gupta

Bangalore based artist Shirupa Gupta talks about her art works, inspirations and her display at the By Hand, From The Heart event in Chennai. From a successful career (R&D Engineer in an embedded systems company) to a full time artist Shirupa’s journey as an artist is inspiring.

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